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I have a Patreon and, should it prove to be popular or profitable, may in future release some material to patrons only. Should you sign up as a patron, please let me know what you would like to see.

I have to date been ambivalent about cryptocurrencies for reasons I will likely explain in time but then I have not done particularly well out of fiat currencies and they are at least straightforward as a donation method and for the kind of demographic I am hoping to reach, it would be absurd not to accept them. The following are primarily held with Coinbase. The Stellar Lumens account is with Keybase where currency may be sent with a direct message. The address below is associated with the account, krozruch where the editor and lead developer of Automat Svět began to develop the DandyLion platform.1 When I look around at new and upcoming media platforms, I see that many of them accept cryptocurrencies - typically Bitcoin and Ethereum.2

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Photo credit: Change Please by Jason Costanza is licensed CC BY

A signed copy of the markdown version of this file is available for inspection in the public folder of the automat_svet keybase account.

  1. In addition, my main Keybase account will have my Bitcoin and Zcash addresses.

  2. I do not have an account with Brave and do not intend to set one up. I am opposed to ad-funded journalism, tracking etc., and use an ad-blocker, but for the reasons outlined in the link above, I do not believe that Brave and their coin and escrow accounts are the way to go.