Automat Svět is in beta. The man currently charged with getting it out of beta was diagnosed with ADHD in his thirties and last wrote this number of lines of code in BBC BASIC when he was ten years old and working on a series of grandiose ideas he never finished. Chill a little: take this in if it makes sense to you, figure it out if you're curious, or find yourself some more palatable #trending nonsense if you're not there yet.

Building a community and community mores

Registration for Automat Svět is not currently open. It is not planned to be open in the sense we have come to expect over the last decade or so. Instead, now and for the foreseeable future, registration will be through email and typically accompanied by the submission of a review, marginalia, or commentary on the subject of one of the books, or, more broadly (since books are topics on the database level), the topics, listed on the site. Now, since any registration will be fully manual for the time being, and probably reasonably manual after that (somebody I will be reading the email as if it is a manuscript), and since subscriptions are theoretically open, it is not ruled out that somebody sending an email sometime soon may be signed up long before the frontend is put together. If you feel like you are starting to get what we're about I'm doing and able to handle the state of this project, feel free to write something relating to one of the books or topics and, by doing so, make your case for being in from the get-go. The email is due a good going over (not looking forward to that), and automization is a reasonable way off honestly not a priority and is probably never going to happen until such a time as the process goes open source, but it's always good to get constructive feedback and see people showing an interest to what is and will remain a very human project.

- krozruch