Na pokec: Episode 1 - the Pilot

Seymour Hersh

A loose, exploratory introduction to a spoken word series which might be translated as “going for a chat”. Matt and Rob get together to talk about Britain, Czech republic (two flawed countries), and autism. This first conversation is loose in places, with a little too much in the way of boiler plate, and with more time and resources I would have made it shorter, but it’s not all bad for that and worse, in my view would be the now-normal corporate dross with all of the back slapping and name dropping, the “takes” and the #trending froth.

The photo of Seymour Hersh (left) with Gavin MacFadyen above (a print of which is mentioned in the recording), was taken by the author at the 2nd Logan CIJ Symposium, 2016, in Berlin, and is available on Flickr licensed CC BY-ND.