The Year in Review

Org Mode is a note making and task management system on the venerable Emacs text editor. I transferred my org-mode set-up to my latest laptop some time ago - I had been running it on a live distribution I have been using for writing for a little over a year - and, almost inevitably, something broke.

Personal Bests

Closing down tabs in Firefox at the end of the working day (I don’t have the internet at home and often shut down the GUI to start from a clean slate), I realise that I provisioned a website in record time. Tabs for Nginx configuration, Hugo basics, DNS records, virtual server details, etc.

A Brief History of the Times I Have Read Stephen Hawking

It is not honestly difficult to keep this brief. I read A Brief History of Time for the first time in around 1998 not so long before I attended Kidderminster College to study what were by then avowedly not scientific subjects. I returned to it in 2022 upon picking up a Czech copy that my “co-worker”, “Penny” has beside a number of popular bestsellers and self help books on her shelf.

Hello World!

The customary first Hello World post. I have been sitting on this domain for a while and currently park my email here (I don’t self-host because why, but my provider permits the asociation of domains by DNS record so here we are).